Athlete Assessment Resources

Active Start & FUNdamentals

(Active Start 1 & 2 and U10 Step 1, Step 2, Step 3)

Below are 3 documents outlining a guideline assessment process for U10 and below. The first document goes over the assessment process, while the following two documents are excel spreadsheets for data input.

U10 Step 1, 2, 3 Evaluation Overview – Aug 2014

U10 Evaluations – Game Play Input – Master & Evaluator Score Cards

U10 Evaluations – Timed Drills Input – Master & Station Card

Universal Athlete Assessment

(U12, U14)

This skills testing resource is based on the Ringette Technical Skills Matrix for the Learn to Train and Train to Train stages in the Ringette Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Framework.  It is being used, for now, for testing at the U12 and U14 Divisions. There are no evaluators required. All measurements are conducted objectively by either measuring “how fast?” or “how many?” therefore those running the testing sessions are not “evaluating” skill but rather simply recording results. There is less experience required of those running the test session and little room for real or perceived bias. Some of the benefits of this testing resource:

  1. The measures are objective and the tests can be accurately replicated. The data will help assess current state and show progress from skill introduction, acquisition, consolidation and refinement over time. Measuring will reinforce the critical impact of quality practice.
  2. The data collected and indications of change over time will be one tool associations may use to measure coaching effectiveness.
  3. The data will give Ringette Alberta and local associations valuable information on how to support coaches in their efforts to improve the skills of their players over each season.
  4. The data will help minimize the reliance on chronological age in these stages (where growth is rapid) to place athletes in programs that are best suited to their development at any given moment in time
  5. Collecting the averages and norms for all athletes across the province can be used to help establish competitive equity among teams.

Ringette Alberta Skills Testing How To (Updated August 2014)

UAA How to Video

Individual Scoring Template

Final Scoring Template (unrestricted website) – Aug 2014 (Fall 2014 Update coming Mid August).  Note: a web site is currently in production that will allow test results to be entered once, on-line, into the master database.